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Emergency Server Upgrades

23:50 - Given the continued instability we have commissioned some emergency hardware to help cope with the unprecedented surge in traffic to our servers. We have been guaranteed an express service and will be working overnight to ensure the system is stabilised in as quick a time as possible. We are sorry for the extended service issues and will keep you updated as to progress.
01:00 - Installation of new hardware should be done shortly and we will then start configuration.
02:45 - Our providers have confirmed the issue to be a problem with our Storage Area Network (SAN) which they have been working on for some time. These SANs are usually very reliable so we will be asking some serious questions about what has happened. Thank you for your continuing patience - we know this has gone on a particularly long time.
04:20 - Just a short update to say that work is continuing although we regret we do not have much detail to report right now. 

Originally Written: 18-Feb-2010 12:04, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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